Enregistré le 24 août 2023 au Séchoir, Mulhouse, à l’occasion de la 40ème édition de Météo.

The storm that has been brewing all afternoon erupts in peals of thunder. Sakina Abdou’s tenor saxophone answers back. Heavy modal streams are punctuated with gutsy honks, before levelling out into a long tone sustained by circular breathing. Working the cycle over, Abdou adds subtle inflections in tone colour, constructing an off-ramp for her next move : a delicate two-note motif that leads into a shockingly abrasive coda. This is just the first section of a masterful solo performance in which the Lille-based saxophonist rigorously investigates a series of ideas from multiple angles, paying close attention to timbre and space. In one startling passage for alto sax, Abdou inhales while biting the mouthpiece, producing wild multiphonic yelps. This isn’t just a display of brilliant technique : Abdou’s playing packs an emotional punch.  Stewart Smith, Dominoes Magazine by We Jazz