En anglais / In english
15 stagiaires / 15 students
Tous instruments / All instruments
20 heures de pédagogie environ / 20 hours of teaching

Né en 1976 à Chicago, la chanteuse improvisatrice Audrey Chen vit à Berlin. Impressionnante et fascinante aussi bien avec le duo Beam Splitter entendue à Météo l’an dernier qu’avec le trio Mopcut (aux côtés de Julien Desprez et Lucas Koenig, grosse claque au festival Sonic Protest cette année), elle travaille les technique étendues du chant et l’électronique, ainsi que le violoncelle. Elle joue régulièrement avec Phil Minton, Maria Chavez, Lea Bertucci, Nate Wooley, et développe un travail en solo singulier.

À écouter -> Se plonger dans les terribles « Runt Vigor » en solo, paru sur Karl Records, « Accelerated Frames of Reference » du trio Mpocut, chez Trost Records ou encore « Rough Tongue » du duo Beam Splitter sur Corvo Records.

Audrey Chen : Runt Vigor (Karl Records 2018)

Mopcut : Accelerated Frames of Reference (Trost Records 2019)

Le stage, ce qu’elle en dit / A few words about the workshop :

"It’s as if all the pores in your body are open, wide open. Playing without pre-determined orientation is like constructing a building in a massive storm ; sometimes alone and sometimes with others.
Sound is already a nebulous thing. It is subjective and the organizing motivations are wide and various as our tempers and the weather.
For me, inserting sound into the world is my way of aurally punctuating space, revealing to others and to myself how memory lives physiologically inside my body. My story never began with me and my body holds history that was passed down over and over again. I am a vessel making decisions which are influenced by the way i breathe and hold my head up high despite everything.
The way we build together is a consensus of trust, self knowledge and acceptance. When we play alone, we are actually never alone but with the audience, those who have come to partake. When we play together, we are a society and we learn from each other sound by sound, a way to move through time. Coming together, we become a hive.
How we achieve this is by understanding ourselves, our habits, our stories, our limitations and what we can do with those limits just a little better.
We hear and listen with generosity. We are grateful for the time. And then we play because we have to, and our lives are at stake. To tell our stories is a ritual and with this we come closer to being truly together.
This workshop will take place in the aftermath of this huge global experience. We are in it together somehow but all of us will be affected differently depending on the myriad of circumstances that make our lives unique. Everyone will be challenged. everyone will have been alone or more alone than before. We will be coming out of this.
I would like to offer up, of course, some constructive advice for the solo and group maneuvering of sound, through improvising. But would like to find a way to work more through our common and less common experiences, finding the consensus, to heal, to play and share this space together finally again.

Tarif : 100,-€ (pass festival compris / including global pass)

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